About Us

CrowdHealth began in 2020 with a mission of changing the way healthcare was delivered. We deliver diagnostics tests, testing services, and wholesale medical supplies to enterprises of all sizes. Pair this with our state of the art digital health clearance platform, CrowdPass, for a full healthcare management solution.

Our Pillars of Service

CrowdHealth delivers an end-to-end solution beginning with diagnostic test kits, wholesale medical supplies, testing as a service, and digital health clearance.

Who We Serve

CrowdHealth serves both private and public networks. We focus on private healthcare networks, employers, universities, and assisted living facilities. We do have a public health arm facilitating supply for municipalities or health departments.

Meet Our Team

Chris Foote


Duncan Abdelnour


Lawrence Helfant


Wayne Hofmann

Director of National Sales

Martha Merriam

Marketing Coordinator

Jason Cruz

Operations Coordinator

Logan Sedelmaier

Senior Operations Manager

Dima Grysen

Senior Account Executive

Brian Pelan

Director of Operations

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