Health Trends For This New Year

Thankfully medicine has advanced from the dangers of using parasitic worms to help with weight loss or radium cocktails to improve energy. Every day new research emerges to support a healthier lifestyle. Here are four health trends to consider in 2023.

CBD Products


Cannabis has been available in medicine for centuries. Due to the lack of research, lawmakers fought to outlaw the use of marijuana out of fear of high substance abuse. By 2018, U.S. Congress finally passed the law to remove Hemp from the federal Controlled Substance Act. CBD has proven to offset anxiety and depression, alleviate ALS symptoms, Treat epilepsy, and more. Companies have begun selling CBD in gummies, oils, topicals, and other forms. There are nearly 4,000 CBD brands and the market is expected to continue booming.

The Priority of Self-Care
Millennials pride themselves on being recognized as being the most conscious capitalist generation. This generation is more focused on the interest of not just themselves as consumers but also the welfare of employees, communities, and the environment. Comparatively, to prior generations, millennials strive to make a conscious effort to eat healthier, prioritize fitness, and balance self-care.

Wearable Technology

Smart Health Watches and Fitness Tracker has been a valuable resource over the years to help users keep track of their physical health and monitor heart activity. Apple watches introduced in 2022 temperature monitoring feature to support women’s health also performs similar functions to a regular smartphone. Companies like Omron Healthcare have also launched wearable blood pressure monitors. The wearable can measure blood pressure and store up to 100 readings in memory. Wearable technology continues to surge in market value as hospital visits begin the decrease in 2022 due to more individuals taking advantage of their health.

Self-Testing Kits

Self-testing kits have been available since the 1970s. However, with the influx of COVID cases, more people began looking for ways to cut down the cost of doctor visits and social interactions at the height of the pandemic. Self-testing kits allow users to conveniently test in the privacy of their homes and receive immediate results. CrowdHealth is a leading supplier of self-testing kits for infectious diseases. The company delivers diagnostic tests, testing services, and whole medical supplies. The self-testing market continues to expand and is projected to increase by $7.89 billion by the end of this year.

Modern medicine continues to advance in antibiotics, vaccines, treatment, and technology. Science and clinical trials have aided in the precision of treating diseases and other illnesses for centuries. Medicine in 2023 will incorporate more use of artificial intelligence,  psychedelic medicine, convenience testing, and promoting self-productivity. The development of medicine will hopefully continue to build trust in future breakthroughs.

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