Know Your Status Using At-Home Testing Kits

On a daily basis, we are exposed to fruitless information. For instance, what an influencer you follow had for lunch, your favorite celebrity affair rumor,  the lifespan of a goldfish, or the 293 ways to make change for a dollar. Select individuals may find this information compelling but it hardly falls under the umbrella of the need to know. Practical information relates to real-life experiences or situations. This includes details like basic survival skills, ways to function in society,  managing your finances, and most importantly, your health status. Some have found hourly scrolls on social media more intriguing than dedicating time to a doctor’s visit. Luckily, the evolution of self-testing kits can revitalize our visits and reduce the chances of dealing with the inconvenience of poor health. 

At-home Testing

Self-testing resultsSelf-test kits became widely popular during the COVID-19 pandemic, but not a new phenomenon. Pregnancy and Glucose tests have been available for nearly fifty years. At-home screenings for HIV were introduced to the market in 2012. At-home tests can provide early detection before any signs of symptoms. Users can anticipate immediate results or within a few business days after a sample has been analyzed by a professional. The accuracy, convenience, and privacy have made self-testing kits a valuable tool in medicine. 

It’s Always Worse Not Knowing Nasel swab using self-test kits

At-home tests can also be a great source of limiting the spread of infectious diseases. Currently, there are nearly 20 million cases of STIs each year. The majority of those infected are young adults between the ages of 18-30. One of the best preventatives of the spread is constantly being aware of your status. Unfortunately, young adults are more likely to remain oblivious by refusing to get tested. In 2022 the CDC reported only 20 percent of the population completed an STI screening. This includes sexually transmitted infections like Gonorrhea, which has increased in cases since its dramatic decrease in 2009. Targeting individuals within the at-risk population and providing at-home tests, may limit the spread and cut medical expenses in half. 

Access to Self-Test kits

During the pandemic, clinics were used primarily for COVID testing. And despite the efforts of the Supreme Justice, facilities like Planned Parenthood continue to do all possible to help mitigate the spread of STIs. However, the responsibility for public safety should not fall on the shoulders of one party. Universities and colleges should campaign for onsite testing and affordable accessibility to self-kit tests. CrowdHealth works directly with health professionals and provides testing services readily on campus. 

Get Tested OftenFinger blood test

Consider getting tested every 3 to 6 months. Most symptoms for certain STIs do not appear immediately. Therefore, performing screenings frequently can increase the chances of detection. Visiting a doctor’s office can be costly for individuals without health insurance but, at-home test kits can help save on deductibles, exam fees, and co-payments. Some companies offer reimbursement from insurance providers. Consumers can purchase CrowdHealth testing kits in bulk and save on yearly medical expenses. 

Test With Caution

Although the benefit of knowing your status within the walls of your home can be advantageous, always use the equipment properly. It is recommended to use Self-test kits like CrowdHealth that are FDA approved. Users should follow instructions very carefully to guarantee accurate results. CrowdHealth ships At-home tests expeditiously directly to your door, so, no need to buy used kits or hold on to expired tests.   

It goes beyond protecting yourself, but your responsibility to others as well. Staying aware of your status allows you to make informed decisions and receive the healthcare you deserve. With the resources like at-home tests available, we can limit the spread of infectious diseases that could have long-lasting and sometimes fatal consequences. Remember, if you have time to scroll then you have time to swab. Your health should be the most trending topic on your everyday feed.

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