Learn Why Wellness Programs Can Reduce Medical Expenses

Businesses have learned to show a greater appreciation for their employees and the understanding that health should be a number one priority. As a society, we were reminded of the importance of not taking our health for granted. Within the past year, health insurance has reportedly increased by 4%. On average, employers pay nearly $8,000 for single coverage and roughly $22,000 for family coverage. By implementing wellness programs, employers have experienced a reduction in healthcare demands and instead have saved on healthcare costs. Advanced testing has been a helpful resource in wellness programs that offers early detection for immediate solutions.

Have Your Results at Your Disposal

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Employers have gravitated to implementing wellness programs to improve the work culture and boost employee health. Wellness programs offer incentives to employees based on completion of health-promoting and disease preventative activities or tasks. Employees begin the program by completing a health screening and/or assessment. Like any other form of healthcare testing, employees require results to be secure and private. CrowdHealth provides wholesale testing kits to employers to allow employees to self-test securely and receive immediate results discreetly.

Your Safety Matters

As more companies return from remote to the office, employees are demanding reassurance for proper safety protocols. Undoubtedly, the identification and immediate isolation of those infected with COVID-19 should continue to be a priority. The program can encourage participation from employees by checking their health status regularly. CrowdHealth testing kits not only detect COVID-19 cases but other infectious diseases. With one swab, CrowdHealth’s testing kit can easily detect other viruses that could prevent a rapid spread throughout the entire office.

Various Tests to Meet Your Needs

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Specifically, cardiovascular disease continues to be the leader of death globally. According to the CDC, making lifestyle changes and being educated on the medicines available to you can significantly reduce the risk of heart disease.  Testing for these programs also includes blood pressure, blood glucose, and other elevated health risks. Participating in blood tests through these wellness programs can monitor statuses and help improve behaviors associated with these concerns. CrowdHealth services also include sending medical professionals to perform screening and requested blood work.

Needless to say, this pandemic has been a game changer for all. Employers are now showing an interest in the well-being of their employees which will improve productivity and retention. Companies like CrowdHealth are dedicated to partnering with wellness programs to adhere to the needs of employees and employers.

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