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CrowdHealth’s Thumb Loop CPE Isolation Gown have an apron-style neck line with standard thumb loops. It is made from chlorinated polyethylene (CPE) and provides protection against fluid including blood. 

Other gowns may offer cuffed wrists that can be itchy to a lot of people and somewhat uncomfortable to others, while these cuffed type of gowns are helpful to some, most would prefer the added protection of preventing cuff roll-up with the help of a thumb loop that goes around your thumb and under your exam gloves. 

The blue standard design is familiar with most medical facilities and helps keep other gowns organized in order to use the correct one depending on your procedure needs. 

-CPE Gowns Recommended for: Decontamination, Emergency, ICU 

-Reliable barrier against dust and splash. 

-Over-the-head style reduces donning and doffing time 

-Open back with ties at waist 

-Generous sizing improves comfort. 

-Full-length sleeves with thumb holes​

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