KN95 Face Mask


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The KN95 is the ideal alternative to N95 masks for home and professional use, both indoor and outdoor. The difference is in the standard body: N95 masks conform to US standards issued by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, while KN95 masks meet Chinese standards that are almost exactly the same. This means the KN95 can be considered an almost equivalent product that offers similar levels of protection, filtering 98 percent of airborne particles.

Each mask is made of four protective layers. Two to filter particles, bacteria, and dust, and one to provide protection and support for the mask structure, while the final, external layer ensures a comfortable user experience. The KN95 mask covers the nose, mouth, and chin, and the secure elastic ear loops prevent slipping while in use. The adjustable nose clip ensures a tight seal and prevents glasses from fogging.

Sold in boxes of 50, these masks come individually wrapped for maximum sanitation and easy distribution.

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