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CrowdHealths Polyethylene Isolation Gown (PE Gown) is a preventive tool for helping keep clean and free of chemicals and other stains or bodily fluids. This PE gown can be used for office or small procedural usage, to limit stains from blood or similar types which can be harmful if come in contact with.

Our PE Gowns are beneficial for completely covering the entire length of the arms without rolling up the light material that can leave you exposed. The PE Gowns are put on through the overhead gown opening to offer an entire coverage both front and back. Made of polyethylene and provided latex free, the gown can be used by almost all staff members and will also not harm the patient.

The blue standard design is familiar with most medical facilities and helps keep other gowns organized in order to use the correct one depending on your procedure needs.

-PE Gowns Recommended for: Food Services, Airborne and Contact Precautions and Droplet Precautions, Hair salon

-Blue Polyethylene film provide a reliable barrier against dust and splash.

-Over-the-head style reduces donning and doffing time

-Generous sizing improves comfort.

-Full-length sleeves with elastic at wrists

-Hooded option available upon request

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