Schools Should Continue Providing Self-Test Kits in 2023

The fight against COVID-19 has been a long and arduous journey since the virus first emerged in 2020. Unfortunately, even three years later, reports indicate that XBB 1.5, a sub-variant of Omicron, has appeared in a concerning number of cases – 19,508 per day.

In an effort to limit the spread of the virus, schools across the U.S. are taking proactive measures by providing students and staff with access to self-testing kits. By including self-test kits in their supply lists, schools can effectively reduce the fear of exposure and the potential for school closures. This approach not only promotes a safer environment but also encourages transparency and accountability in managing the pandemic.

Classroom Safety


The toll of COVID-19 on the education sector has been devastating, with over eight hundred public and private educators succumbing to complications related to the virus in just the first year of the pandemic. Alarmingly, the virus continues to affect the education sector, with seventy-three pediatric cases reported each day.

Despite the increasing prevalence of COVID-19, masks have become more of an encouragement than a requirement in classrooms, leaving many teachers understandably concerned about their safety. However, by providing access to test kits on campus and supplying students and staff with necessary materials, some of the anxiety around returning to school can be alleviated. This proactive approach promotes a safer and more secure learning environment, ultimately benefiting everyone involved.

Access to Test Kits

New York Department of Education plans to disburse self-testing kits to students and staff starting May 1, 2023. If a student or staff member is experiencing COVID-like symptoms at school, they are supplied with a kit to take home. Teachers are hoping that a sample from the school’s population can be obtained daily to better mediate potential spreads.

Wholesale Availability

The safety of students and first responders like our educators should continue to be prioritized. Schools should be supplied with adequate tests and companies willing to test directly on campus. CrowdHealth’s services deliver wholesale testing kits and a partnership with medical professionals that can conduct tests for COVID and other infectious diseases. In addition to onsite testing and delivery, CrowdHealth also offers a digital management service to closely monitor active cases and improve points of contact.

There are still effective alternatives available to consider when protecting yourself and your loved ones from COVID-19:

  • Get vaccinated
  • Wash hands frequently
  • Avoid close contact and crowded indoor areas
  • Wear a mask
  • Know your status

Teachers and students should have unfettered access to all resources available to forge a safe environment. Self-test kits can be a solution in moving forward responsibly and not neglecting the experience that has afflicted so many.

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