5 Ways Self-Test Kits Have Modernized Medicine Since the Pandemic

COVID-19 introduced a collection of new normals in 2020. The shutdown taught us the hardship of social isolation, remote learning, and the dedication of our first responders. Self-testing kits combated the overwhelming need for medical attention and provided millions of Americans access to their health status within minutes. Today, there are fewer masks and more hugs, and while resources like self-testing have left a lasting impact on modern medicine. Here are five ways self-test kits can continue to keep us safe and limit the possibility of another pandemic.

Reducing Medical Expenses

The average cost for an urgent care visit can range between $100-200. The federal government has initiated assistance programs to provide patients access to self-test kits at an affordable cost. Prices for a self-kit or over-the-counter tests begin at $7, and there is the possibility of reducing costs in the future. Private insurers may also reimburse patients for their purchases.

Delivered Right To Your Doorstep

Self-test kits bring health and wellness conveniently to your home. Testing kits can be delivered directly to your address or available at your local pharmacy. Searching for a physician to fit your schedule can be a thing of the past. Modern medical service companies, like CrowdHealth, guarantee the delivery of high-quality testing kits to patients in need. Antigen rapid tests can provide results directly. CrowdHealth also provides tracking from the time of purchase to when results are delivered back to the lab. The tracking system ensures safety and helps reduce service inquiries.


At-home tests are easy to use and can provide results privately within 10-15 minutes. The test requires a nasal specimen or saliva sample. To use a self-test kit effectively, patients should follow the enclosed instructions, and failure to do so can cause inaccurate results. CrowdHealth EMS securely pairs your results with their state-of-the-art digital health clearance platform and serves private and public networks.

Accurate Results

According to the FDA, self-testing kits have proven to have an overall sensitivity of 93% or better, making them accurate and highly reliable. The test searches for small samples of viral proteins. If one has symptoms,  antigen tests are preferred as they provide immediate results. While PCR may take longer, they do have a higher accuracy.

Limit Exposure

Let’s not forget how easily transmissible COVID-19 and other infectious diseases can be. At-home tests can limit overcrowded waiting rooms and exposure to your loved ones. Also, consider testing yourself before participating in event gatherings or with those with a weakened immune system.

Infectious diseases beyond COVID-19 continue to plague our country. The benefits of self-testing should be understood and taken into account when monitoring health statuses. Self-testing allows for both prevention and ease of healthcare, as they are both cost-effective and efficient. Let’s continue to build a healthier future and limit the spread of infectious diseases by staying up to date on our self-testing protocols. Self-tests accelerate the health process and bring ease to medicine.

Stock up on test kits with CrowdHealth today. Let’s keep your workplace, business, or next event safe.


Written by Raynell James

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