Addressing the Rising Syphilis Outbreak: CrowdHealth’s New STI Testing Products Offer a Fast and Easy Solution


Syphilis, once on the decline, now poses a renewed threat as an alarming outbreak grips Houston and various regions worldwide. Heightened awareness and proactive measures are imperative in this battle against the resurging sexually transmitted infection (STI). Fortunately, CrowdHealth has taken a stand, launching a comprehensive line of STI testing products, including syphilis testing. This blog post delves into the rise of syphilis cases, underscores the significance of early detection, and highlights how CrowdHealth’s latest offerings revolutionize STI testing, enabling individuals to take control of their sexual health with ease.

The Surge of Syphilis Cases

Recent news reports from CNN on July 15, 2023, have raised deep concern over the significant syphilis outbreak in Houston. This resurgence is not isolated, as many regions across the globe experience a similar worrisome trend. Factors contributing to the increase in syphilis cases are multi-faceted, encompassing decreased awareness, evolving sexual behaviors, and challenges in accessing healthcare services during the pandemic. Tackling this public health challenge head-on is essential.

The Importance of Getting Tested

Syphilis, often asymptomatic, presents a formidable challenge for individuals to self-detect. Left untreated, it can lead to severe complications, affecting vital organs such as the heart and brain. Moreover, syphilis can be transmitted from pregnant women to their unborn children, causing congenital syphilis with devastating consequences. Early detection through regular STI testing becomes a crucial weapon in halting the spread of syphilis and preserving public health.

Introducing CrowdHealth’s New STI Testing Products

Recognizing the urgent need for accessible and efficient STI testing, CrowdHealth has introduced an extensive line of products encompassing Chlamydia, HIV, Syphilis, Gonorrhea, HCV, Trichomoniasis, HSV-1, HSV-2, and VZV. With user convenience and privacy as top priorities, CrowdHealth empowers individuals to take proactive steps towards safeguarding their sexual health.

Fast and Easy Testing with CrowdHealth

To address Syphilis testing, CrowdHealth proudly presents the DPP® HIV-Syphilis System – an innovative, single-use, rapid, and multiplex immunoassay that detects antibodies to Human Immunodeficiency Virus Types 1 and 2 (HIV-1/2) and the causative agent of syphilis, Treponema pallidum bacteria. This FDA-Cleared and CLIA-waived test allows for convenient testing using fingerstick whole blood, potassium-EDTA venous whole blood, or potassium-EDTA plasma specimens, delivering accurate results within a mere 15 minutes. Embrace the future of accessible and efficient STI testing with CrowdHealth, empowering you to proactively manage your health with confidence and ease.


The resurgence of syphilis in Houston serves as an urgent reminder to take charge of our sexual health. Regular STI testing remains pivotal in preventing the spread of syphilis and other STIs. CrowdHealth’s comprehensive line of STI testing products, now featuring syphilis testing, offers a fast and easy solution for at-home testing. Together, let us foster awareness, advocate for early detection, and ensure accessible testing options to combat the rise of syphilis, prioritizing the wellbeing of our communities. Remember, knowledge is power, and taking the initiative to get tested significantly safeguards our sexual health and that of others.

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