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Experienced nurses arrive fully prepared with all medical supplies and equipment necessary.

Our Service

CrowdHealth is a leader in Testing as a Service.


Through our well-connected network of medical professionals, we are able to provide onsite medical staff for all of your testing needs.


Experienced nurses arrive onsite ready to execute the job at hand. CrowdHealth will review results, log data, and be your go-to point of contact for all of your medical needs. 


Tests We Run

Onsite Antigen Testing:

Antigen tests are cost-effective and can be administered onsite with read times of less than 15 minutes. Our mobile lab allows you to choose between a variety of antigen tests, allowing for full customization.

  • COVID-19
  • Strep
  • Flu
  • RSV
Onsite Antigen Testing

Onsite Molecular Testing:

Molecular tests are more sensitive and more accurate. They have a reading time of about 30 minutes per person. Our mobile lab allows you to choose between ID Now or several other onsite molecular PCR tests.

  • COVID-19
  • Strep
  • Flu
  • RSV
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Onsite STI Testing:

Perform onsite testing for STI’s such as Chlamydia, Gonorrhoeae, and Trichomonas. Get results in less than 30 minutes.

Sexual Health Testing Kits

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CrowdHealth can assist your organization with On-Site testing needs and provide licensed medical practitioners


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