Ways Self-testing Kits Can Limit the Spread of STDs on College Campuses

Nearly fifteen million young adults enroll in an undergraduate program each year in the U.S. Out of that number, sixty percent of those students live on campus. Studies showed that one in four students living on campus has a sexually transmitted disease (STD). Universities and other secondary programs bear the responsibility of keeping their campuses safe. Supplying students with resources like self-testing kits can potentially reduce future cases.

The Dangers of Sexually Transmitted Diseases


STDs are spread predominantly by unprotected sexual contact. Bacterial, viral infection, or parasite enters the body and grows without treatment. There are more than thirty bacterial infections and only four that are curable. New diseases are appearing every year and almost eighty percent of individuals infected will show no symptoms. This causes a lack of awareness for future partners and the individual effort in limiting exposure. The majority of cases are from adults between the ages of 15-24.

Knowing Your Status

Statistically, almost half of young adults will be diagnosed with an STD at some point in life. Given this information, college students continue to show an immense unwillingness to get tested. Many are concerned about privacy, the cost of visits, and accessibility. Especially, numerous students come from various cities and out of state and their insurance coverage may not include checkups. Also, this generation has expressed disdain for long wait hours and craves convenient services.

Testing Made Simple

Self-testing kits can save students the cost of a doctor’s visit and it can increase accessibility to quick results. Self-testing kits make knowing your status easier than ever. CrowdHealth’s self-testing kits can provide immediate and accurate results with the company’s delivery service.

On-Site Testing

Knowing that college students are most susceptible to contracting an STD, University officials should offer resources to keep students safe. For instance, schools can purchase the kits wholesale and distribute them on campus to students. CrowdHealth can also organize testing through a third-party medical team on campus.

Schools have to discontinue treating sex education as if it is a taboo conversation. Providing condoms and other incentives for safe sex does not implement consistent change. Students need a safe environment and a trusted resource to keep their status discreet and provide accurate results. CrowdHealth can adhere to those needs all within the conveniences of their dorms.

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